What is Taht Istanbul?
Taht Istanbul is world's most unique photo studio. We brought together some concepts in one place that people are looking for.
What is not Taht Istanbul?
Taht Istanbul is not a cafe or any restaurant. We don't sell any drinks or food. Most important we don't have any Turkish breakfast or shisha :) whatever you see in the photos are specially decorated for you to make photos.
What kind of concepts do we have in Taht Istanbul?
We have 4 different concepts. 1.Carpet - 2.Throne - 3.Flower Cafe - 4.Taht deLight
Do I need appointment to take pictures?
Yes and No; It is actually very simple. If you want a professional photoshoot done by us then we can make a reservation for you and you can skip the line. Reservations are always our priority. But if you would like to use your own device then we can’t make a reservation for you. You need to come to our studio and wait in the line.
Can I use all of the locations in your studio if I don’t book a professional photo shoot?
It doesn't matter if you book Professional photo shoot or not, you are allowed to use all of those concepts in our studio.
What is the working hours ?
Taht istanbul in every season works from 8:00 am until sunset time. After sun sets Taht istanbul is closed.
I don’t want a professional photo shoot, can I use your traditional costumes ? If yes do I need to pay extra ?
Yes you can use them and you just need to pay the entrance fee for this option. The costumes are included in the entrance fee.
How many minutes does it take for a professional photo shoot ?
It takes around 30 minutes for a professional photo shoot in 4 location.
Can I change my outfit for the photo shoot ?
For both professional and non professional options you are allowed to use each location once. Which means that you are allowed to change your outfit once for each location. But you can’t shoot in once location twice with different outfits.
Can I bring my own photographer with me to your studio and do I need to pay entrance fee for him too ?
Yes you can bring your photographer to our studio and you don’t have to pay for him. We only charge for this who is being shot.
If I want to shoot only in one place in your photo studio, does the price change ?
Our prices are fixed. It doesn’t change the price for both professional and non professional options if you don’t want to shoot in other locations.